Vince Esposito’s career in law enforcement began 21 years ago. Most recently, he served
simultaneously as a Detective for Hometown Police Department and as an Officer with the South Side
Major Crimes Task Force. Sadly, Vince’s career came to a halt due to health issues so severe that he
could no longer carry out his responsibilities as a law enforcement officer or for his secondary career in
the elevator industry.

On December 26, 2016 Vince was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. This diagnosis partially
explained why for months Vince struggled to climb a flight of stairs without losing his breath. Vince was
told that he could expect to stay off work for the next eight to twelve weeks. During that time, Vince
began treatment at Northwestern Hospital to determine the cause and extent of the heart failure.

While at Northwestern, he received the devastating news that he also suffered from a rare disease

called Sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that creates abnormal masses or nodules of inflamed tissues in
multiple organs of the body, altering the normal function of the affected organs. There is no cure for
Sarcoidosis, only management of the disease. Effects of the disease include permanent organ
damage, predominantly in the lungs. Doctors have confirmed that the Sarcoidosis has spread to
Vince’s lungs, his lymph nodes and his heart. It is very unlikely that Vince will ever be able to return to
active duty as a police officer.

Due to his fragile immune system, Vince has to be cautious of getting even the common cold as it will
further complicate his breathing. The congestive heart failure just adds another level of possible
complications to his health. For Vince, whose childhood dream was “to be a police officer when I grow
up”, the reality that he will be forced into early retirement because of his Sarcoidosis is heartbreaking.
Needless to say, Vince and his family have been emotionally devastated and financially crippled.
Vince’s wife, Rhonda, is employed as a grade school teacher and together they have three sons,
Vincent (11), Johnathan (9) and James (9). Their sons have especially been affected by their father’s
failed health and noticeable absence in their sporting events. This diagnosis has been sadly life
changing for Vince and his family.